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Web Content Management


Today web sites are fundamental to communicate with business stakeholders. Most companies are using the Internet as a primary means to communicate with their clients. On the other hand clients expect high quality, up-to-date and relevant content from the web site. A web content management system aids businesses to content authoring, reviewing, approving and publishing processes.


What drives the need for Content Management?

Stakeholder Communication: The web sites are now the basis of business interaction. Many companies have adopted the Internet as a primary means of communication with their stakeholders (Clients, Partners, Shareholders, Employees etc.). They require relevant content to be available to the client at all times.


Information Maintenance Cycles Increased

The product and services life cycle is shorter and requires changes to marketing and sales related material. The content delivery cycle is short and continuous, meaning that once content is updated, the process must start again. As such, the cost to an organisation of keeping its content fresh and correct is expensive.


Growing Information

Unstructured data (spreadsheets, documents, presentations, images, etc.) represents more than 80% of the company’s information. As digital content continues to proliferate, the need for a content management system increases.


Information Overload

As the content availability increases, the need to access the relevant content easily becomes important. Content management systems profile the user and present to him the content that is applicable to his requirements.


Current Bottlenecks

The lapse time between identifying the need to publishing the updated content to the web site takes too long. Many reasons for this exist for example; IT skills are not readily available to make the content web ready. This content management system allows the business user to publish content using tools that he knows. The end result is that content reaches the web site much sooner and without any interference from technical skills.

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