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Health Farm Surveys

Farm Surveys carried out by Environmental Health Practitioners can be captured electronically. Fields captured are summarized in statistical repots.

Health Food Sampling

Samples collected during inspections on premises or through periodic monitoring of monitoring sites e.g. Dams, Rivers, Beaches and Waste Sites, are registered in the system.  The coordinates, conditions and the related laboratory where samples are analyzed will be in recorded.  When sample results are received, the results will be captured and a notification are forwarded to the premises or regulatory authority to inform them of the results and possible remedial actions in cases where anomalies are present.

Health Inspections

All inspections conducted by Environmental Health Practitioner (Health, Food, Educational Institutions, Farms, Waste Sites) are recorded in the system. Mobile devices are used by field workers to enter inspection information, related photos and voice/noise recordings. When an inspection is completed and verified an electronic inspection report is generated and e-mailed to the premises. This solution reduces the administrative burden of EHP’s and ensure that all records and proof of evidence are captured in the records management system.

Health Premise Management

This solution includes the application, review, preliminary inspections, approval and electronic generation of a Certificate Of Compliance.  All related, inspections, samples, complaints, administrative activities and correspondence are filed against a Business Premises. The Type of Business Premises also dictated the inspection frequency which will generate alerts to EHP on inspections due. This solution ensures that a proper history of dealings with the Business Premises are kept.

Waste Management

The solution includes the registration, certification, reporting and monitoring of all Waste Related Facilities. Initial applications for registration and periodic inspections are included.

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