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Community and Social Services

Burial Management

This solution includes the registration of Cemeteries and burial plots with in crematories. Allocation, reservation and payment of plots are included. Records related to the burial plot, tenant or deceased are stored as related records in the Burial Register.

Business License

This solution manages Business License applications for all businesses within a Municipal Area. The Solution will include a database of Business Premises, Business License Application, the process of review, preliminary inspections, approval and a system generated Business License Certificate.  Periodic inspections are scheduled and related inspection records are captured per Business Premises.

Community Communication

Effective Customer Care depends on ongoing and effective communication and feedback to the public. All solutions deployed in Collaborator with a public interface, have built in SMS and e-mail notifications to ensure the public are constantly updated with the correct status and progress regarding their logged cases.

Customer Care

The Customer Care solution includes logging of services related calls through various sources e.g. mobile applications, telephone calls via the helpdesks, e-mails and correspondence.

Event Management

This solution enables external users to do online Application for Event Hosting or Film production in a municipal area.   The application also includes sub–applications for Noise exceptions, Signage, Erection of Temporary Structures, Way leave Certificates and population certificates.

Incident Management

Incidents in the municipal area may be reported to the municipality via:

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Post

  • Web Site

  • Face-to-Face

  • Citizen Portal (Mobile Devices).

This solution manages the resolution of the incident.

Indigent Register

Due to the level of unemployment and poverty within municipal areas, there are both households and citizens who are unable to access or pay for basic services; this grouping is referred to as the “indigent”. A database with identified indigents is maintained. 

Integrated Development Plan

The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is an integrate plan that lists all the projects that the municipality will complete in the following five years. This process manages the project requirements from it’s the moment it is identified to the point that it becomes part of the budget.

Public Service request

The public may send a request for service to the municipality using one of the approved communication channels. The service request is dealt with in the municipal officials via the workflow. The citizen is constantly updated with the status of the service request.

Resorts Booking

This solution enables the public to make reservation of municipal owned facility. The solution manages the availability, Booking, resort fees payment, arrival and departure and re-imbursements.

Unemployment Database

A database of the citizens that live in the municipal are is kept and maintained. Once a capital project is initiated, the contractor must report on the number of people in the database that he has used in the project. The unemployment database is also used for the EPWP program.

Visitors Management

All visitors entering secure premises can be recorded and managed.

Venue Management

This solution enables members of the community or municipal officials to view availability, make reservations and do payments to rent municipal venues for functions. The process includes reservations, calculation of cost for venue amenities, preparation notifications and deposit paybacks.

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