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Planning and Development

Planning Building Control

Applications: The building plan application is submitted via a portal to the municipality. The municipality then uses the workflow functionality to distribute the building plan application and all of its supporting documents to the various stakeholders that must give comments on the application.


Inspections: The building inspection process start once the construction has commenced. The developer will request the mandatory inspection from the municipality and the building inspector will provide feedback on the inspection via the mobile device issued to the inspector.

Complaints: The community may lodge a complaint about a specific property in the municipal are. The complaint will be sent to the inspector responsible for that region. The complaint inspection will be resolved by the inspector.

Planning Capital Contribution Register

During the Land Use Application certain pre-requisites have been listed by the council. The capital contribution register contains a list of these pre-re. The property clearance process (sub divisions) will look at this register to determine if the prerequisites have been adhering to before clearance is given.

Planning Land Use Management

This solution includes the scanning and indexing of Land Use Applications received by the Municipality. Once scanned the LUA is forwarded for review to Town Planning which decides on the required actions applicable.

Planning Signage Management

This solution enables the municipality to regulate and monitor the erection and removal of signage in the municipal area. The display of any singe, posters, banners and advertising, requires an application to be submitted to the municipality. Applications are forwarded for review and approval to a signage committee, which will, after consideration approve or reject the application. Transgression notices and fees are applicable when regulations are not adhered to.

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