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Records Management

Collaborator becomes the first comprehensive full life cycle document management and records management solution for the entire enterprise. This functionality gives customers  comprehensive, complete life-cycle management of all corporate records and information holdings, in paper or electronic formats. It empowers everyone in your organisation to file all corporate holdings according to your functional structure, thus reducing the risks associated with audit and litigation. The interface is integrated into Collaborator’s familiar Web-based interface, allowing all users to access records management functions from a Web browser. By providing a common interface to access all forms of information such as images, paper, word processing, spreadsheets and email, the module provides an automated system that removes the complexities of electronic records management, making processes transparent to the end user. In this intense, ultra-competitive world, organisations today are driven by customer satisfaction and retention. In order to stay competitive, organisations must harvest their corporate records, manage them, control them, protect them, and make them accessible to knowledge workers within an efficient collaborative environment. Organisations must also implement a bullet-proof auditable process for handling records from creation to disposition. With the proliferation of record sources and repositories, the integration of technologies (electronic documents, records and e-mail management, workflow, ERP, CRM, etc.) is a reality that is growing with  appreciable speed. It provides organisations with the ability to develop a framework to get their house in order, in preparation for the execution of activities to effectively participate in today’s new ways of conducting business transactions.

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